Washington Guzheng Society

The Washington Guzheng Society was founded in 2000 by a group of Guzheng musicians and enthusiasts. It is a non-profit organization. The goal of our group is to introduce Chinese culture to all audiences through guzheng music. The group is actively involved in community performances and public service programs. We have held a variety of performances in the Baltimore Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, the U.S. National Arboretum , the University of Maryland, the Smithsonian Institution, the Montgomery County public libraries, elementary schools, churches, and local malls. During 2003, the Washington Guzheng Society performed at the Kennedy Center along with other music groups and received favorable reviews ("A superb performance") from the Washington Post. 

Additionally, the Washington Guzheng Society provides guzheng teaching and education programs. Recitals are presented yearly. We are moving forward into a new era, defining Guzheng music for future generations.

The Washington Guzheng Society is a non-profit organization exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Please contact rosa@guzhengusa.org if you are interested to make a donation. All donations to The Washington Guzheng Society are deductible for federal income and estate tax purposes.

  華盛頓箏樂團創建于2000年,是一個非盈利的音樂團體。樂團由大華府地區一群熱愛古箏藝術的朋友發起,藝術指導為古箏演奏家夏冰女士。 樂團成立以來一直活躍在華府的藝術舞臺上,肯尼迪藝術中心、巴爾的摩交響音樂廳、史密松尼國家博物館、國家植物園、李斯納劇院、馬裡蘭大學等地都留下了我們表演的足跡。 華盛頓郵報曾對夏冰女士的演奏給以很高評價。樂團還積極從事古箏演奏教學、古箏藝術介紹等。另外籍著每年一度的年度觀摩演奏會,大家還可以互相交流,互相學習。我們真誠 歡迎更多的朋友加入我們的行列。

華盛頓箏樂團是一個符合聯邦稅務法501(C)(3)免稅條款的非盈利的民間音樂機構。如您有意對我們進行捐助,請發電子郵件至rosa@guzhengusa.org 與我們聯絡。您的捐款可以抵稅。