Washington Guzheng Society

The Washington Zheng Society was founded in 2000 as a non-profit music group. Led by art director Bing Xia, Washington Zheng Society has been committed to promoting traditional Chinese music and culture since its establishment. For more than ten years, the group has been active on the art stages in Washington. The Zheng Society is not only often invited to perform at institutions such as the Smithsonian Museum, Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, Library of Congress, Chinese Embassy, University of Maryland, Baltimore Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, National Botanical Garden, George Washington University Lisner Auditorium and other institutions, the group has also joined professional TV recordings for PBS cultural programs and played live concerts on radio. The performers in the group represent the highest level of music skills in the area, six members have earned level ten certificates of the China National Musical Instrument Artistic Cultivation Performance Examination, one has won the Top Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award, and many have won multiple international and domestic music awards (such as the American Protégé International Music Talent Competition, etc.). The Washington Post once gave a highly complementary review of Ms. Bing Xia's performance. Today, Chinese folk music and cultural enthusiasts in DC metro area can not only enjoy the wonderful performances of the performers on various occasions, but also learn with the members through our annual recital and concert. We sincerely welcome more friends to join the enjoyment, learning, and dissemination of traditional Chinese music performed on authentic traditional Chinese instruments.

The Washington Guzheng Society is a non-profit organization exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Please contact rosa@guzhengusa.org if you are interested to make a donation. All donations to The Washington Guzheng Society are deductible for federal income and estate tax purposes.

  华盛顿筝乐团创建于2000年,是一个非营利的音乐团体。在艺术指导夏冰老师的带领下,乐团自成立之时,就致力于弘扬与传播中国传统音乐与文化,十数年如一日,一直活跃在华府的艺术舞台上。乐团不仅经常受邀在史密斯博物馆、肯尼迪艺术剧院、卡耐基音乐厅、国会图书馆、中国大使馆、马里兰大学、巴尔的摩交响音乐厅、国家植物园、李斯纳剧院等机构演出,还参与过音乐电视节目、广播电台直播音乐会等的录制。作为华府地区演奏水平一流的民乐团体,乐团成员中六人获得了中国音乐学院古筝十级证书,一人获得杰克库肯青年艺术家大奖,多人多次获得多项国际国内音乐大奖(如全美儿童国际钢琴提琴比赛、美国国际亚裔青少年音乐比赛等)。华盛顿邮报曾对夏冰女士的演奏给予高度评价。今天,华府的中国民乐、文化爱好者不仅仅可以在各种文艺舞台上欣赏到筝乐团的精彩表演,还可以借着筝乐团年度音乐观摩演奏会,与筝乐团的团员们互相交流和学习。 我们真诚的欢迎更多的朋友加入中国民族乐器的学习和传播行列。